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    Determine whether the material suitable for my company ZTZY type screw press as follows:


    =1, the material is suitable for the preliminary judging method: grasping hard material, if the liquid can flow from the crevices, the residue left palm, then press materials for my company. Is not suitable for video can also refer to the following. Although there are some very fine material, can not hold the residue, but because of the non-bound water, which can be successfully extruded separator dehydration:, of course, waste water and sludge and other waste citrus peel need to add "squeeze aid" to be able to press success oh.For details, please call:+86-13303733765


    =2, the company has a solid-liquid separation and the fruit and vegetable processing line test, according to the press process requirements, combining a variety of test equipment, and ultimately choose the right plan after evaluation and optimization. Please send materials to do related testing and evaluation. Material Mailing Address: Beihuan Road East New Sixth Street,Xinxiang City,Henan Province,China, Xinxiang City Zhongtian Machinery Co.,Ltd, Liu xingxian income, Tel: +86-13303733765


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